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How to Grow Tomatoes

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How to Grow Tomatoes
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With so much great content online and so many wonderful food bloggers releasing new material and articles daily. We have decided to start the FDL 'Best of The Blogs' round up. Each day highlighting great posts from food bloggers all over the world.

Tomatoes are springing up everywhere
Flowers are blooming and the birds are singing which means spring must be here. With all this new activity comes many new ingredients for you to use and experiment with in the kitchen. What better taste to mark the spring months than that of tomato. Ripe, fresh and truly diverse they've become the staple of many dishes and there isn't a chef in land who doesn't use tomato in their kitchen.  The only problem is they can be rather hard to grow.

With that in mind gardener and blogger, Sarah Smith, has written a great piece for, offering some top tips and tricks on how to grow tomatoes perfectly everytime. It's obvious Sarah knows what shes talking about and has written a great resource for anyone planning on planting this year.

Source: How to grow perfect tomatoes

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