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12 Fruits You Can Grow Year Round: A Complete Guide

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12 Fruits You Can Grow Year Round: A Complete Guide

We live in a day and age where organic, sustainable and locally sourced foods are the norm. The only thing that could be any better is picking food from your own backyard, right? It's totally possible if you follow the tips from this nifty infographic from Happy to Survive which shows you how to grow fruit like a pro.

The infographic highlights 12 fruit trees and fruit plants that grow year round so you can pick and choose which ones will grow better in your climate.

Whether you have an awesome green thumb or simply wish everything you planted didn't die, you'll appreciate this gardening advice. Perhaps you'll be inspired to plant something new or make a tweak to how you care for your existing trees and plants.

So what fruits can you grow at home? Let's take a look:


It's not surprising banana plants do well in warm climate. If you live in Florida, southern Texas and California then growing them will be a breeze. This tropical plant needs full sun and performs best in well drained, acidic yet nutritious soil.

Banana plants take two to three years to bear fruit but you'll enjoy its beautiful foliage long before. After harvesting your sweet bananas there are countless recipes you can make including this rich and creamy banoffee pie.

Don't forget you can also cook banana blossom!


This unique fruit plant grows well in a range of climates - from the plains of Illinois to the rolling hills of Tennessee and beyond. It likes full sun, requires sandy soil and yields fruit in about three to four years.


If you have the luxury of a backyard then you'll have enough space to grow a persimmon tree. These trees bear fruit in just three to four years and love full sun. This is an easy tree to tend to as long as it is watered frequently and is planted in well drained soil. 

After you harvest your delicious persimmons you can use them to whip up a fabulous smoothie like this one.

Don't have enough space at home? No worries. You'll find tips for growing fruit in small spaces by doing things like planting vertically and using containers. 

12 Fruits You Can Grow Year Round

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