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Cooking on Coals: How to Grill Without a Rack

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Cooking on Coals: How to Grill Without a Rack

Ever found yourself searching for a rack so you can get that grill rocking in the garden? Yes, we thought so, which is why we’re highlighting this new video from ChefSteps.

They’ve taken the time to explain just how easy it is to skip the rack entirely and cook your food directly on the embers. “Grill like a caveman,” they promise as they explain some simple suggestions for what to whack directly onto the embers the next time you’re getting your grill on.

Egg plant, scallops, peppers and whole tomatoes are all some of the suggestions offered up, a simple idea but one that most people don’t seem to try when grilling at home.

We've also included a great video from Alton Brown as he explains how to grill steak directly on coals for some delicious results. 

Here's a bonus video showing you how to light a grill correctly, produced by Munchies. 

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