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How to Fold a Burrito

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How to Fold a Burrito
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Burritos are the perfect food. They are inexpensive, portable and can be filled with endless flavor combinations. Making them at home is a breeze but you may find yourself asking: how on earth do I fold a burrito?  How do I get the filling not to fall out?

Folding a burrito is an art and a science. You've got to roll it up efficiently all while making it look good. We've got the tips to make you a burrito-folding pro in no time.

Two Important Rules for Folding Burritos

First, begin by warming the tortilla. Cold tortillas will break as you attempt to roll them. Simply warm both sides of a tortilla over a hot skillet then proceed to fill them.

Secondly, do not overfill the tortilla. This will result in the tortilla falling apart or the filling spilling over. Adjust the amount of filling according to the size of the tortilla. The larger the tortilla the more filling it can take, and vice versa.

How To Fold a Burrito: Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Place your desired filling on one side of a warm tortilla.

2. Tuck in two ends of the tortilla.

3. Fold up the bottom flap while pressing the filling inside.

4. Roll tightly until you've reached the end of the tortilla.

5. Optional: cook the burrito over a skillet to seal the seam.

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Watch: How To Fold A Burrito

Chef Eddie Song from NYC's Korilla BBQ shares his expertise on how to fold a burrito with ease using aluminum foil. Take a look!

Burrito Recipes

Now that you know how to fold a burrito like a pro you can try making this tasty bean and rice burrito recipe. Serve it with a side of guacamole and you'll be all set!

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