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How to Break Down a Whole Salmon

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How to Break Down a Whole Salmon

Wondering how to break down a whole salmon: head, tail and everything in between?

Here’s an oldie, but a goodie from the team over at ChefSteps. Learn how to break down a whole salmon with this easy to follow guide to descaling and butchering this majestic and versatile fish. After breaking down the salmon, you should end up with two tail, two belly and two loin pieces. If you don’t, something has gone very wrong.

That’s a whole lot of fish, so what are you going to do with all of it? Well to start off, you'll find plenty of salmon recipe ideas here and also six timeless techniques for cooking fish. Why not try making salmon maki sushi at home? Plus, here’s how to smoke your own salmon at home.

And, if you fancy a bit of reading around the subject, here are 26 facts and figures about salmon, or why not come salmon fishing with us in the chilly wilds of Alaska?

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