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How to Fillet Fish: Sea Bass, Red Mullet, Sardines

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How to Fillet Fish: Sea Bass, Red Mullet, Sardines

Learning how to fillet a fish can be daunting, where to cut, how to cut and how to handle fish can be one of those early tasks that worries chefs but it's not difficult if you know the tricks.

That's why we've decided to put a collection of fish filleting videos together to help you learn how to fillet a fish. Created by M&J SeaFood, the videos are short and really simple to follow. So simple you should be filleting fish in the kitchen with ease.

Remember, these videos are for how to fillet fish and take for granted that you have already de-scaled before starting to fillet. If that has you worried already, we also have a video on how to descale a fish and you're also going to need a very sharp knife - for that you may want to look at our knife sharpening videos before begin filleting.

How to Fillet Fish: Sea Bass

How to Fillet Dish: Red Mullet 

How to Fillet Fish: Sardines

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