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Baking Hack: How To Fill a Pastry Bag and Avoid Cleanup

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Baking Hack: How To Fill a Pastry Bag and Avoid Cleanup
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Filling a pastry bag with icing is one of those tasks that seems simple...until you try to do it. Beginners will find that getting all the icing inside the bag can be difficult but perhaps the biggest challenge of all is clean up. Who wants to deal with trying to rid the pastry bag of all that sticky icing? Alas, here is the hack we've all been waiting for.

This video from Orson H Gygi Co shows you how to fill a pastry bag without the hassle of cleanup. You won't believe how simple it is! Everything you need to accomplish this unbelievable feat is already in your kitchen. We don't want to spoil the surprise so take a look below:

 How To Fill A Pastry Bag - The Mess-Free Way

Were you familiar with this hack? Do you know a better way to fill a pastry bag?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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