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7 Guides to Eating Sushi Like a Pro

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7 Guides to Eating Sushi Like a Pro
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While many of us enjoy the delights of sushi, are we sure that we're eating it correctly? There is certain etiquette around sushi that perhaps we're not all aware of, as we dunk our nigiri rice-first in our wasabi-flecked soy sauce – both definite no-nos. There's also a certain amount of conflicting information too.

The following then should serve as a definitive guide to how to eat sushi. Below you’ll find everything you need from experts in the field, including the one and only Jiro Ono. You’ll never eat sushi wrong again.


How to eat sushi like a pro: 7 guides


The Beginner's Guide

A great place to start. Learn what the ginger served with your sushi is actually for and how to counter wasabi burn!


How to eat sushi

A very straightforward visual guide to eating sushi from Food Beast – use your hands and dip fish-first into any condiments. Some would argue of course that you shouldn't be dipping into soy sauce at all, but that's another matter...


Dining etiquette

Here's a cutesy infographic from the Gourmet Society showing the basics of eating sushi and Japanese dining etiquette.


The Fine Dining Lovers guide to eating sushi

Here's our visual guide to eating sushi.


The sushi master

Who better to offer the definitive guide to eating sushi than sushi master Jiro Ono of Jiro Dreams of Sushi fame. Click through for Ono's 12-step guide to eating sushi.


More masterly advice..

Here's another sushi master, Naomichi Yasuda, schooling Munchies on how to eat sushi. 


The sushi fanatic

Writer and sushi fanatic Trevor Corson explains exactly what we've been doing wrong when eating sushi.


And finally...

Here's a funny video of a sushi chef reviewing cheap, store-bought sushi. It's fair to say he's not impressed.


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