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WATCH: A Japanese Chef Shows You How To Eat Sushi

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WATCH: A Japanese Chef Shows You How To Eat Sushi
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Have you been eating sushi at the table instead of the bar? Blending soy sauce and wasabi into a paste? Then let this Japanese sushi master school you on the right way to eat sushi (note: you've been doing it wrong!).

In this video from Munchies, Tokyo sushi master Naomichi Yasuda breaks down every aspect of sushi making before diving into a full-blown lesson on eating this Japanese delicacy.

The chef talks about each ingredient - from the soy sauce and seaweed to the rice and fish - in great detail as to enlighten the sushi novice. By the end of the video you'll have a new-found appreciation for sushi and never think of it as rice and fish ever again.

"Ginger never touches the soy sauce,'' the sushi master warns. Another big no-no? Eating the pickled ginger with the sushi - instead, it should be consumed on its own as a palate cleanser.

Eating sushi properly is a topic we've covered extensively in the past (see here and here) but questions still remain. Get the answers by watching the video below:

And whatever you do, don't ask for cooked sushi like one customer who visited the world famous Jiro Ono. 

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