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Stop Eating Sushi Wrong - Part 2

By FDL on

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Stop Eating Sushi Wrong - Part 2

We’ve already brought you a great video that shows you how to approach your next sushi session with style.

Sushi is one of those foods that’s being enjoyed more and more around the world but it’s also one of those foods that most of us really don’t know how to eat.

This simple guide from Zagat sets out to offer up some pointers on how to eat sushi like a professional.

Tips such as eating it all in one bite, the fact that fingers are fine and that you should never mix soy sauce with wasabi.

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  • The Sushi Legend said on

    Such a pet peeve of mine - glad to see the word is getting out. I'd also add that at some of the higher end places, soy sauce has usually already been applied - no need to add more.

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