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Simple But Genius Ways To Eat Spirulina More Often

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Simple But Genius Ways To Eat Spirulina More Often

It is a godsend for those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet but did you know spirulina also makes a great addition to any lifestyle?

Join us as we discover what is spirulina exactly and the dozens of ways you can reap the benefits of this superfood.


Spirulina is a fresh water algae that hails from Central America.

Why is spirulina good for you? This plant reached superfood status because it is packed with protein, iron, calcium and vitamins A, B, E and K. It also contains mineral salts and magnesium.

It is beloved by vegetarians because it is the only plant-based source of vitamin B12, which is normally obtained from meat, fish and animal products.  

Fun fact: NASA added spirulina to the diets of astronauts in orbit because it aids recovery after missions.

For the most part, spirulina is readily available in most supermarkets. If not, a trip to the health food store will surely help you find this dark green powder, although spirulina is also available in capsules.

Always read labels to ensure you are purchasing pure spirulina without any additives.

How To Eat Powdered Spirulina: Smoothies and Juices 

Super easy: just add a tablespoon or two of powdered spirulina to your favorite smoothies and juices. It will boost your antioxidant intake and provide a nice source of protein. Try adding it to this delectable spinach, zucchini and celery smoothie or to your next batch of fresh juice such as pomegranate and orange.

How To Eat Spriulina: Healthy Green Bread 

You already eat bread so why not make it even healthier by adding spirulina?

This Hulk-like green bread recipe from Meghan Telpner is easy to make and oh-so-delicious.


Spirulina makes a great addition to pastas and gnocchi because its flavour is neutral once cooked. Just a teaspoon is enough to give your noodles a gorgeous blue-green hue.  Try adding a little spirulina to this traditional pasta dough.


Salad dressings are another great way to sneak spirulina into your everyday meals. You can try adding it to vinaigrettes or this easy recipe for salad dressing: 1 avocado + 1 teaspoon of spirulina powder + lemon juice + drizzle of olive oil. You can use it in any salad.

SPIRULINA in Protein-Packed Desserts

Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy these decadent coconut truffles spiked with spirulina. Get the recipe over at Haute Health.

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