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How to Eat Pomegranate: The Autumnal Jewel

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How to Eat Pomegranate: The Autumnal Jewel
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Get ready, the pomegranate season is almost upon us. Between November and January this autumnal fruit will grace our greengrocer's shelves in style. A spectacular fruit with edible seeds which make fantastically attractive garnishes with the added bonus of being full of antioxidants.

But how do you eat a pomegranate? Releasing the seeds and cooking might be new to you. We show you how to get the best from this unique fruit this autumn.

How to release the pomegranate seeds?

PEELING POMEGRANATE If you've never cracked a pomegranate open this is the first thing that you'll need to master. Below Thomas Joseph's video teaches us an easy and practical technique to release the seeds without spraying the kitchen with the red juices. All you need is a knife and a spoon.

How to cook with pomegranate?

Firstly pomegranates are good to eat just by themselves, or simply scattered over breakfast yogurt. But you can use the seeds of this fruit in a very creative way in the kitchen. The red jewel like seeds make extremely attractive garnishes for vegetable dishes, roasted meat and fish and even scattered over desserts.

Try to cook with pomegranate using these tips.

In salads

If you're tired of your usual salads, pep them up this autumn by scattering in some pomegranate seeds. Not only do they add colour they are good for you.


Simply scatter pomegranate seeds over a green salad to give it instant colour and interest with some added sweet crunch.

With Meat

Pomegranate elevates meat dishes cooked into accompanying sauces it works particularly well with duck or pork.


Duck and pomegranate are a winning combination. Vibrant colour and sweet jus work perfectly with the gamey pan fried duck.

As a dessert?

From cheesecake to ice cream Epicurious have a comprehensive range of pomegranate dessert recipes where you'll be impressed by just how versatile this fruit is.

As a cocktail?

Pomegranate adds instant colour and a warm christmassy feel to winter cocktails.

Pomegranate adds class and finesse to elegant cocktails. Try out this one out for champagne. Perfect for thanksgiving or christmas.

If you're warming up for halloween check out our range of recipes suited to the occasion.

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