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How To Eat Like The Gilmore Girls

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How To Eat Like The Gilmore Girls
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By now you've probably devoured the four episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. The stars of the show Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are still the fast talking, Pop Tart loving, coffee drinking, pepperoni pizza eating ladies we adored when the show first aired from 2000 to 2007.

If you are a mega fan (aren't we all?) then you know you'll be binge watching the series again and again. So what should you eat when catching up with your favorite Stars Hollow residents? Well, if you have the stomach for it then you can eat like Lorelai and Rory.

Beware: their caloric intake is estimated to be at least 3,000 calories per meal! Remember the episode where Lorelai and Rory eat four different Thanksgiving dinners? Well, Business Insider estimates they gorged on 33,800 calories that day...uff! 

una mamma per amica lot of food

So, if you are ready to throw caution to the wind and eat like the Gilmore Girls here are some menu suggestions:

Pepperoni Pizza

pizza gilmore girls
A movie night classic in the Gilmore home: pepporini pizza. This delicacy should be consumed with your hands (no knife or fork here!) and don't bother with a side of salad like Dean did that one time.

Chinese Takeout 

cibo cinese una mamma per amica
There is no doubt the Gilmore Girls are familiar with the pleasure of dining on Chinese takeout in front of the television. Order in or if you prefer to cook you can give these Chinese food recipes a try. Don't forget the chopsticks!

Macaroni and Cheese

Nothing says comfort food like mac and cheese and the Gilmore Girls know this all too well. We recommend this buterry macaroni and cheese recipe dressed up with a bit of Grana Padano.

Hamburgers (like those from Luke's) 

hamburger una mamma per amica

Regardless of what the Gilmore Girls went through anything could be fixed with a tasty hamburger at Luke's. A burger with a side of fries or onion rings was the perfect antidote after a Friday night dinner at Emily and Richard's place.

Stop by the drive thru or make your own with these 10 epic burger recipes.


tacos gilmore girls

Remember the time Lorelai, Richard and Emily took Rory to Yale? Tacos were in order then and should you on your table too. 

POP Tart

pop tart

Ahhh...Pop Tarts...the taste of freedom for Lorelai and the cornerstone of any Gilmore Girls breakfast. Don't bother with the toaster as the ladies usually eat them straight out of the box.

Coffee...loads of coffee 

caffè gilmore girls

In the Gilmore Girls reboot Lorelai claims to have been coffee in a past life. Can someone actually be coffee? We don't know but one thing is for sure: you better drink loads of it when watching Gilmore Girls. What a pity we can't actually drink java from Luke's. 

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