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How to Eat Dragon Fruit: Gourmet Tips

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How to Eat Dragon Fruit: Gourmet Tips
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Dragon fruit is billed to be one of tropical fruits trending in 2017, so if it's something of a stranger to your fruit bowl, here's the lowdown: find out where dragon fruit comes from to how to eat it.

Native to many parts of Asia, dragon fruit, aka Pitaya, originates from the cactus family in Mexico although it is now found in Brazil and across Latin and Central America. The vibrant reddish-pink, scaly skinned fruit is generally widely available in supermarkets and speciality food shops overseas.

What does Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

The juicy white flesh is studded with tiny black seeds throughout and has a fragrant fresh, rather light taste, with nutty seeds that might remind you of kiwi fruit.

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How to Prepare Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is easy to prep - just cut the fruit into quarters or slices, and peel off the skin and use the flesh for cooking. Or if you're hungry simply slice the dragon fruit in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon.

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How to Cook with Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is often used as a striking garnish, as well as being used in sweet or savoury cooking and in drinks.

Try using dragon fruit in desserts, like ice cream or fruit salad or even jam.

Add a squeeze of lime juiceto bring out the flavour of the dragon fruit and combine with other tropical fruits like watermelon, lychee, rambutan, mango, papaya and star fruit in fruit salads, fruit drinks or even threaded onto skewers as a fruit kebab.

The skin can even be hollowed out to make a decorative bowl for serving the fruit salad or ice cream.

As well as fruit salads try experiementing by throwing pieces into savoury salads or pairing dragon fruit with seafood.

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