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How to Eat a Burger According to Science

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How to Eat a Burger According to Science

Science helps us every day; new breakthroughs in medicine, better understanding of how the world is made, discoveries that literarily benefit the advancement of mankind. Then there’s the crazy appliances of sciences such as the video below, filmed using the findings of three researchers who spent four months trying to understand the best way to hold a burger.

The video first goes through some of the common mistakes people make while trying to clutch the contents of their burger before explaining a simple trick that will ensure just enough hold, not too much squeeze, so you can enjoy the full burger without worrying about your toppings flying all over the plate, or even, the floor.

It might all sound a little over the top but just squeezing a burger too tight is going to release all those wonderful juices that give the burger it’s flavour, this technique will stop that happening.

It’s made by the team at Food Beast and surely looks to us to be the best way to hold a hamburger, let us know in the comments if you employ any other techniques.

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