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A Guide to The Perfect Biscuit Dunk

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A Guide to The Perfect Biscuit Dunk

You’re either a dunker or not, there’s no such thing as a half dunker, you either commit to the dunk and slam that biscuit into the cup or you eat it crispy - perhaps you’re one of the oddities who likes mixing the biscuit and the liquid in their mouth - if so, decide what you are and until then stop eating biscuits.

I’m a dunker, I love it. Biscuits take on a whole new texture and flavour after they’ve sponged up some tea and it’s hard for me to appreciate a biscuit with the tea. If you’re a serial dunker like myself you’ll know that the biggest biscuit blunder comes when you stop paying attention to you biscuits dunkability (how long it can be dunked before it breaks) and find that the biscuit, instead of melting on your tongue, had fallen to the bottom of your cup.

I hate it when this happens and have been known to start over and brew a fresh pot of tea, however, next time I’ll be taking a quick look at this infographic from Fairtrade. It lists eight different biscuits and offers info on exactly how long they can withstand a dunking. Not only that, the team have dunked enough biscuits to find that perfect sweet spot between tasty bite and mushy mess.

Take a look at the food infographic below to find out exactly how to dunk your next biscuit.


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