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How Do I Dispose of Frying Oil?

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How Do I Dispose of Frying Oil?

Crispy, golden and delicious, fried foods are a great indulgence. But what happens long after the fried chicken or vegetable tempura has disappeared from the table? Do you know how to dispose of all that frying oil?

How To Dispose of Frying Oil

So how should you dispose of frying oil?

Nope, the answer isn't to pour it down the sink (which you should never ever do!). Neither does it involve leaving it in the pot and forgetting about it until the next time you fry something and are faced with the same challenge.


The first step is determining whether or not your local community recycles cooking oil. If so, simply pour the frying oil into a used container with a lid, such as oil's original container or a coffee tin. Then take it to the recycling center.

If you have no choice but to dispose of the frying oil yourself then follow this easy trick from the folks at America's Test Kitchen. You'll need some plastic bags and a second pair of helping hands. Take a look:

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