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Watch: How to Cut Watermelon 9 Ways

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Watch: How to Cut Watermelon 9 Ways

When the sun comes out so do truckloads of sweet, juicy watermelons - so cool, so refreshing, and so good for feeding a crowd, they really are the perfect go to summer fruit.

We already explained 5 steps on how to pick the perfect watermelon, so just one problem remains. How are you going to cut up your 18kg or 40lb beauty without working up a sweat?

How to Cut Watermelon

Unwieldy watermelons are not easily navigated by the uninitiated. First of all there's stabilising the run away giant ball, then there's tackling the tough outer rind and that's before you get to work with your knife skills on the rosy red flesh.

Fortunately, with a few kitchen hacks outlined in this neat video below,  we've come across not one, but 9 quick and easy solutions to cutting a watermelon. Perfectly finished cubes of mouth watering sweet flesh, or hand-held party pieces, every time, no sweat.

Take a look and pick your favourite way to cut up your watermelon.

Once you've tackled slicing up your watermelon try making any number of refreshing summer watermelon recipes.

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