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Coconut & Company: 10 Tropical Fruits and How To Cut Them

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Coconut & Company: 10 Tropical Fruits and How To Cut Them

Noting says 'paradise' than enjoying a perfectly ripe tropical fruit. As juicy and tasty as they are, fruits such as coconut, mango and jackfruit can be hard to cut and peel.

We've put together the ultimate guide to help you peel, cut and eat 10 of the world's tastiest tropical fruits - from passion fruit and pomegranate to pineapple and beyond.

Now, you'll have no excuse to bring a taste of the tropics into your home.

How to Cut Tropical Fruit: A Visual Guide


This juicy tropical fruit is a favorite of many. With a vibrant orange interior and sweet flavor, papaya is delicious on its own or tossed into smoothies, salads, desserts and more.

Learn how to cut papaya and what to make with it.


Did you know that jackfruit can grow as heavy as 80 lbs (36 kg)?  Or that unripe jackfruit is used as a meat substitute?

This alluring tropical fruit can be hard to open because of its texture. Curious about trying it? You'll need these tips on how to cut into jackfruit like a pro.


Peeling kiwi's fuzzy skin with a knife may result in you taking off too much skin. Why not learn how to peel kiwi swiftly and efficiently?

Here are two nifty tricks for peeling kiwi without a knife.

Coconut and Others

If you've ever tried to crack open a coconut you know how challenging it can be. Should you use a hammer? A screwdriver? A machete?

You'll get all the answers from this nifty visual guide from Pounds Top Pocket, as well as a few hacks for cutting other fruits such as pomegranate and dragon fruit.

Watermelon also made it onto the list and although it is not technically a tropical fruit we could all use some pointers on the best way to cut through its hard rind. 

Take a look:


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