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How to Cut Different Cheeses Correctly

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How to Cut Different Cheeses Correctly

There are an infinite variety of cheeses around the world and whilst you might not have tried them all, there are a few simple do's and dont's that apply across the  board when it comes to cutting cheeses correctly.

Depending on the variety and shape of the cheese there are some very specific 'rules' that apply to cheese slicing etiquette, determined by the shape, size, texture, rind and general level of softness.

Being the first to cut into a pristine slice of brie or a round of camembert can be intimidating when in formal company. To avoid raised eyebrows and tutting, the site La Feuille di Vigne has created a useful visual guide showing you how to slice French style.

And remember, if you're hosting, nothing will impress cheese lovers quite like having a decent set of cheese knives for serving, your cheese at the correct temperature and paired with the right wine.

Here's more from The Domestic Geek. 

When it comes to shopping for cheese, follow our cheese buying guide to make sure you can select the best quality.

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