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Learn How To Cut A Pineapple In Less Than A Minute (Video)

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Learn How To Cut A Pineapple In Less Than A Minute (Video)
Photo Garry Knight/Flickr

With their spiky crown and exotic diamond-patterned skin, pineapples are as beautiful as they are delicious. Pineapples, or ananas as they are known in Europe, are at their best when fresh but slicing through their tough exterior is a task that can pose a few challenges. That's where this video from Betty Crocker comes in to save the day. In just 55 seconds you'll learn how to cut a pineapple safely and swiftly so you can toss it into a fruit salad, grill it, make a smoothie or add it to a tasty pork stir fry.

Check out how to cut a pineapple without any fancy gadgets:

Did you know? 
Pineapples are indigenous to South America and didn't crop up in Hawaii (the world's leading producer) until the late 1700s. When choosing a pineapple be sure to select fruit with green leaves and no yellow or brown tips. The pineapple itself should yield sightly to the touch and once cut should be consumed within three days.

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