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The Scientific Way to Cut a Cake - Video

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The Scientific Way to Cut a Cake - Video
Photo jeffreyw/flickr

Say goodbye to the classic wedge of cake and say hello to the T bone steak of cake slices in this informative video with Alex Bellos. The British mathematician teaches us how to cut a cake like never before.

Through use of a simple diagram and demonstration Alex points out how we should be cleverly cutting our cake, avoiding the 'big mistake' of the normal wedge slice which over exposes the interior of the remaining cake leading to dryness. 

The theory is nothing new, it’s been around 100 years but it’s the kind of logic most of us have rarely applied. Scientists once scoffed at the commonly used wedge cut declaring it as ‘faulty’, instead they come up with a cake slicing theory to ensure constant cake moistness and a generous symmetrical slice.

So learn how to lock the freshness into your cake and extend that special occasion by watching the video:

If all that science has got your head in a spin, check out Alexandre's amazing zoetrope cake.

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