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Baking Basics: How To Core An Apple Effortlessly

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Baking Basics: How To Core An Apple Effortlessly

Not quite sure about the best way to core an apple for baking? Allow us to share two apple coring techniques that yield great results each time.

Once you learn how to core an apple safely and effortlessly you'll be well on your way to making apple pie from scratch and many more scrumptious treats.

How To Core an Apple with A Corer

Of course, the easiest way to core an apple is to use a corer. But not all apple corers are made equal. Look for a corer with a long handle and serrated edge. 

To use: simply stand the apple upright, dig the corer into the center and pull upwards. The core will be trapped inside this nifty kitchen tool.

How To Core an Apple with a Knife

If you don't have an apple corer on hand don't give up on your baking plans. A knife is all you need!

You'll simply need to slice the apple in half vertically. Then cut each half in two (again, vertically). 

Set each apple piece on the cutting board and slice the core off at an angle. It's that simple!

Watch: How To Core An Apple for Baking

Take a look at this excellent tutorial from Mr. Food Test Kitchen. The two apple coring techniques discussed above are perfectly illustrated.

Check it out:

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