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4 Ways to Cook the Perfect Steak

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4 Ways to Cook the Perfect Steak
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Everyone has an opinion on how to cook the perfect steak, for how to get that delicious crust and beautiful, melt in the mouth medium rare (if that’s the way you like it of course). Do you finish in the oven, reverse sear, or negate the oven entirely? How about sous vide? Should you season before or after cooking and do you bring the meat up to room temperature first?

Here then are four videos showing how to cook the perfect steak in four very different ways. You might also want to check out this handy infographic detailing 60 different cuts of beef.

First up is YouTube cook Andrew Rea, who’s a fan of the reverse sear method, i.e. baking in the oven and then finishing in the pan:


ChefSteps say this is the best way to cook a steak, period – sous vide and then sear. What do you think?


The guys over at Cook's Illustrated argue cooking a steak from frozen makes for a tastier, juicier piece of meat. Find out why:


And finally, a highly unconventional way of cooking steak – in the dishwasher, as a kind of improvised sous vide, before being finished off in the pan! Who's willing to give this a try?

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