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How to Cook Steak: The Best Way to Cook a Steak

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How to Cook Steak: The Best Way to Cook a Steak

Many chefs have their preferred method on how to cook steak, there’s the reverse sear, the super high heat method pushed by Heston Blumenthal and then there’s the water bath approach.

The debate on how to cook steak perfectly is something that will continue for a long time, but the ChefSteps team say they’ve solved the issue.

In one of their recent instruction videos, The Best Way to Cook a Steak. Period, they present their preferred method for cooking the perfect steak.

They talk a lot about perfect doneness and how to control that using the sous vide and sear method.

Some people will surely disagree with the method, but there’s no arguing against the control that sous vide gives a chef when cooking steak.

Take a look at the video and don't miss this collection of videos showing Michelin Chefs Cooking Beef in Many Ways. 


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  • Arpucci said on

    Theory is fine, but some informations was missed or wrong...
    1st I would recommend to add salt after cook, once salt is higroscopic and will dehydrated proteins...
    2nd "Sous Vide" means low temperature cook Under Vaccum"... whiteout vacuum is just low temp cooking, it's danger once aerobics microorganism without vacuum will grow fast...
    3rd Temperature control protein coagulation, that means collor...
    4th Time control texture...

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