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Michelin Chefs Cook Rabbit in Different Ways

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Michelin Chefs Cook Rabbit in Different Ways
Photo Screengrab/Mind of a Chef/YouTube

Rabbit has to be one of the most underrated meats: delicious in hearty pies it’s also a great match for spring vegetables and adds a hint of game flavour to pasta dishes. It’s never going to beat some of the more robust meats for flavour, but as an alternative white meat to chicken, why not give it a try?

If you still need convincing then take a look at what these Michelin chefs are able to do with the humble rabbit. That they're all British is merely coincidental. Find out how to cook rabbit below. 

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Does Fergus Henderson of St John cook the best pie in England? April Bloomfield, herself a holder of a Michelin star, joins Henderson as he prepares a sumptuous rabbit pie at his London home.

Watch Phil Howard formerly of two Michelin star The Square and now Elystan Street elevate a simple rabbit pasta dish to something truly special.

Gordon Ramsay pulls together a rabbit fricassee with tagilatelle, utilising the offal, as well as the rabbit meat. You may need to brush up on your rabbit butchery before attempting this however.

Let’s finish in the style in which we began, with a pie, courtesy of Ollie Dabbous of London’s one Michelin star Dabbous restaurant.


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