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How To Cook Pasta Like A Boss

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How To Cook Pasta Like A Boss
Photo Carl Milner/Flickr

Pasta is one of those foods beloved by Americans yet screwed up by countless home cooks across the country. Well, it's time you learned how to cook pasta like a boss - you know, the type that's all 'al dente' and would make Italians proud.

Luckily for you, budding pasta makers, the Smithsonian have published a quick guide full of tips and tricks on how to cook pasta - there are even some fun facts about food lover Thomas Jefferson. 

You can check out their full list of tips here but below are a few golden rules certainly worth considering the next time you approach the stove with Spaghetti in hand.

Toss the Oil 
Have you been boiling pasta in water with a few tablespoons of oil this whole time? Stop it! The oil will interfere with how the sauce adheres to pasta. Instead, boil your pasta in abundant water and it won't stick.

Boil The Water
It may seem obvious but it is imperative to drop the pasta into boiling water. How do you know the water has come to a boil? You'll see bubbles. Add salt, drop the pasta and give it a quick stir.

Figure Out 'Al Dente'
To tell the difference between al dente (firm pasta) and overcooked pasta you'll have to test it as it cooks. Set a timer for 5 minutes and test it every minute after that. You'll notice how the texture changes and you'll want to drain the pasta right at the moment you feel it's still firm but edible.

Reserve One Cup 
Ever notice how Rachael Ray always reserves one cup of boiled pasta water? That's because that tasty water adds flavor and texture to sauce. Reserve a ladle full of pasta water before you drain it to add to your sauce.

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