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Michelin-Starred Chefs Cook Pasta in Many Ways

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Michelin-Starred Chefs Cook Pasta in Many Ways

Pasta: it’s one of those foods that hopefully we all know how to cook with some degree of success, indeed the simplicity of a good pasta sauce appeals to even the greenest of cooks. The best chefs will tell you, it’s all about three or four great ingredients, cooked well and perfectly seasoned to create a harmonious dish.

Of course, once you master the basics, you can set yourself some serious pasta goals. To serve as inpiration, here are 4 Michelin-starred chefs using exceptional ingredients and a few tricks picked up over the years to elevate the simple pasta dish to something truly spectacular.

If you’re new to making fresh pasta, check out this guide to making fresh pasta in five easy steps, and brush up on your pasta shapes with this infographic detailing 60 different types.

Watch more Michelin chefs cook...

First up is Davide Oldani, who likes to finish cooking the pasta inside a simple tomato sauce. Remember to cook it perfectly al dente.

Heinz Beck of three Michelin star La Pergola in Rome has an inventive take on carbonara: the pasta is filled with liquid egg to make it easier to digest. See how to make the liquid filling here

Angela Hartnett cooks fresh crab linguine to evoke memories of the Italian coast.

Finally, it’s Massimo Bottura’s characteristically unique take on lasagna.

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