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The Roux Brothers Explain Meat, Knives and Butchering

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The Roux Brothers Explain Meat, Knives and Butchering

Michel and Albert Roux are the foundation of the Roux culinary dynasty. The brothers founded the three Michelin star restaurant, La Gavroche, in 1967 and since then they've become the Oxbridge of the kitchen world, training chefs such as Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsey.

The duo who know a thing or two about cooking and they were personally responsible for introducing lots of classic French techniques to English viewers with their BBC series, At Home With the Roux Brothers, in which they would teach viewers how to cook with some of the staple ingredients of the kitchen. 

In the old-school episode below, the Roux brothers offer up their insight on meat - the right knives to use, how to choose different cuts for different dishes and what to do with lamb, calf liver and lamb chops.

The video might look old, the style might seem slow, but the techniques, the tips and the wonderful chemistry of the brothers all make for great viewing. 

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