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How to Cook Malanga

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How to Cook Malanga

Malanga, easily confused with yam or taro root, might not be the most dynamic looking of root vegetables, but what it lacks in aesthetic appeal it makes up for in utility and versatility.

If you've never explored how to cook malanga, it makes for a great potato substitute, whilst boasting higher fibre and more nutrients. What's more, with its starchy flesh and unique nutty flavour malanga expresses itself equally well in any number of dishes.

How to Cook Malanga

Malanga can only be eaten cooked but are fortunately very simple to prepare.  Start by cleaning the root with a brush under running water, trim the ends and remove the skin. Rinse each piece after peeling and cover in cold water. 

When it comes to cooking them try them boiled, mashed or deep fried into chips. As the flesh tends to disintegrate when boiled malanga also makes a great thickener in soups and broths. 

Malanga are also commonly found in Cuban and Puerto Rican dishes such as sancocho, mondongo, pasteles and alcapurrias.

Malanga root can also be made into powder or flour, which comes in handy  for those with wheat intolerances.

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