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Nose-To-Tail Cooking: A Guide To Cooking Kidneys

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Nose-To-Tail Cooking: A Guide To Cooking Kidneys

If you are a lover of fine dining we bet you have eaten kidneys at the restaurant at least once in your life. But do you know how to prepare the kidneys at home?

Nose-to-tail dining is at its peak so it is only natural to want to cook offal at home. Here are our tips to get you started cooking kidneys - a true delicacy.


The kidneys are so-called "red offal". You can cook beef kidneys, for example, but those of veal are the most appreciated. Lamb kidneys are also delicious.

The most important thing is to purchase them fresh and consume them quickly.


To obtain beautiful and good kidneys, it is first necessary to dennerve and separate them. Here is how to do it:

-Trim away any excess fat surrounding the kidney

- Remove the outer membrane of the kidney

- Follow the length of the lobe and cut the kidney in half

- Detach the white nerves with the tip of the knife or sharp scissors

Here is a helpful video from Good Housekeeping UK that illustrates how to prepare kidneys:

After prepping the kidneys you can slice them or cut them into cubes depending on the recipe. 

Kidneys can then be sautéed, grilled or braised. Keep an eye on the cooking: a kidney that is overcooked is often rubbery.

Cooking Delicacies: Kidney Recipes You'll Love

Steak and Kidney Pie

This British pub favorite is a hearty dish you can wash down with a pint or two. You'll love this stellar kidney recipe from the award-winning Windmill Mayfair restaurant in London.

French-style Kidneys

Rognons d'agneau a la dijonnaise is a specialty of the town of Dijon, France. This recipe features lamb kidneys cooked in a rich sauce made with butter, cognac, shallots, cream and Dijon mustard.

Sautéed Lamb Kidneys Persian Style

To cook lamb kidneys with a bit of Persian flair follow this aromatic recipe from Aashpazi. It contains turmeric, onions, white pepper and salt.

Disover more about offal

Get to know legendary British chef Fergus Henderson, famous for his Michelin-starred offal dishes.

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