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How To Cook Ham - Tips and Tricks

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How To Cook Ham - Tips and Tricks

When it comes to the holiday rush, opting for a ham will save you tons of time in the kitchen. Nowadays, most hams are sold cooked or partially cooked so all you need to do is basically reheat it before bringing it to the table.

However, there are key elements you'll want to keep in mind when it comes to how to cook a ham. First, you'll want to cook the ham in a 350F (175C) oven until it reaches an internal temperature of 160F (71C). The cooking times will vary for each type of ham (bone-in, boneless, cooked, partially cooked) but here is a good rule of thumb:

  • Partially cooked ham: cook 20 minutes per pound.
  • Fully cooked ham: cook 10 minutes per pound.

To really kick things up a notch you'll want to make a delectable glaze you can apply all over the ham. This will give it extra flavor and make the skin crispier and completely irresistible. You can use combos as simple as honey and lemon or mustard, cloves and sugar. If you like exotic spices you could even prepare an elaborate glaze with cardamom and Worcestershire sauce.

Now that you know how to cook ham, take a look at this nifty infographic full of fun facts and and more cooking tips that'll make your holiday ham a success.

Infographic via Visually

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