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Watch Seiji Yamamoto Make His Famous Eel Dish

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Watch Seiji Yamamoto Make His Famous Eel Dish

Cooking eel in Japan, or Unagi as the locals call it, has been whittled down to a fine art. The process of preparing, slicing, slowly grilling and brushing the fish with flavor is a revered tradition across the country and something few chefs claim to have mastered.

One chef who has taken a complete mastery of the eel is Seiji Yamamoto, the multi Michelin starred chef who famously once sent eels for a CT scan to better understand their bone structure.

For years he has been working with eel and in the video below, the legendary Japanese chef slowly works through the steps involved in making the famous charcoal grilled unagi at his Ryugin restaurant in Tokyo.

There's something hypnotic and peaceful about the video as the eel is slowly transformed into caramelized, skewered goodness.

Want some more? Why not take a look inside another one of Tokyo's best unagi restautants. 

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