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How to Cook Cuttlefish

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How to Cook Cuttlefish

If you love squid chances are you'll love cuttlefish too. Infact, not only are cuttlefish equally delicious and nutritious, but they're also a cheaper alternative. What's more the "chameleon of the sea" can also easily be susbtituted into most squid recipes without anyone spotting the difference!

As with other cephalopods like squid and octopus, cuttlefish should be cooked either quickly or very slowly or simply eaten raw and at their freshest to enjoy the flavour of the sweet flesh.

How to prepare cuttlefish:

First things first, if you're buying fresh cuttlefish you'll need to know how to clean them before cooking.

Here's a nice informative video explaining how to prepare cuttlefish. And remember to retain the flavoursome black liquid to use in squid ink dishes later!

Cuttlefish Recipes

Whether you choose to enjoy the freshness of locally caught cuttlefish in sashimi or try flash frying them in the pan there are many ways to experiment with this versatile ingredient.

Squid Sashimi

If you're lucky enough to get a really fresh cuttlefish try using it raw in a fresh sashimi recipe like this one where you can simply replace the squid with cuttlefish. Remember to make it the day before as it takes 12 hours to marinate.

Pan fried cuttlefish 

If you prefer you cuttlefish cooked, here's an Italian recipe that pairs squid with plump borlotti beans, that makes a delicious mid week dinner dish in a jiffy.


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