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Michelin-Starred Chefs Cook Bacon in Many Ways

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Michelin-Starred Chefs Cook Bacon in Many Ways

Bacon - it’s just one of those amazingly versatile and tasty ingredients that almost all meat eaters love - it’s also one of those ingredients that vegetarians always say they miss the mosts. The smell is hypnotic and, dealt with correctly, the flavour can add a layer to dishes that’s unrivalled by other meats.

The videos below show Michelin chefs as they set about cooking bacon in a whole list of different ways, from roasting their own honey cured bacon to two clever riffs on bacon and cabbage - this is a bacon at it’s best.

As you can see from the flavour bouncing video below, bacon really does go with everything, Grant Achatz says as much:

Next up is Rene Redzepi and the team at Noma as they show off their take on bacon and cabbage with seaweed. 

We couldn’t cover Michelin chefs and bacon without mentioning Heston Blumenthal’s famous bacon and egg ice cream.

There’s a simple bacon frittata recipe from Gordon Ramsay.

And here’s a bonus vide of Blumenthal frying up some fluffy pork nipples.

And starting a little away from Michelin - here’s a video from Steve Lamb from River Cottage showing you how to cure your own bacon.


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