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How to Cook a Perfect Chicken in the Oven

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How to Cook a Perfect Chicken in the Oven

If you’re skipping the turkey and goose this year and opting for chicken on your Christmas Dinner, this food infographic from Professional Oven Care is sure to come in handy.

It explains everything you need to know when it comes to cooking the perfect chicken, with tips provided for roasting, stewing and cooking your bird inside an oven bag.

The infographic starts by breaking down the chicken in parts and explaining how each section should be cooked - even encouraging you to save the backbone for making broth.

The chart then goes on to explain cooking times and the temperature you should be cooking at for a whole mix of different sized chickens.

It’s really a useful little guide if you’re not sure exactly how to cook your bird this Christmas. We also have this great selection of Christmas Dinner Ideas to give you everything you need for a perfect festive meal. 




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