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Craving Calamari? Learn How to Clean Squid

By FDL on

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Craving Calamari? Learn How to Clean Squid

After learning how to clean scampi and octopus, the time has come to deal with the cleaning and preparation of squid (calamari). Once again, we have requested the expert advice of the Pescheria da Claudio and its staff. 

Squid (calamari) are either white or grey in colour: conical in shape, with eight tentacles covered in suction cups positioned at the base of the head. Calamari are actually very easy to clean and, more important still, rapid: you just need to know a few useful tips and it’s child’s play.


- The first thing to do is to detach the head from the body using your hands, without any need for knives or kitchen utensils.

- The innards of the squid should come away with the head.

- At this point you will also notice a transparent jelly-like substance: this is cartilage. Remove this too.

- Now take the part with the squid tentacles and remove the beak; it is easy to identify because it emerges from the tentacles and is quite hard. Then remove the eyes.


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