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WATCH: How To Clean A Cast Iron Pan

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WATCH: How To Clean A Cast Iron Pan
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Have you been washing your cast iron pan with soap? Stop everything you are doing right now and watch this 44-second video on how to clean a cast iron properly (spoiler alert: soap isn't in the picture).

If you have seasoned cast iron pots and pans the last thing you want to do is ruin the nonstick surface. That's why instead of using soap your best bet is cleaning the cast iron surface with...wait for salt. That's right! Salt, the magical seasoning that makes everything taste better, is also the secret to scrubbing away unwanted food residue and retaining the nonstick finish on your cast iron. 

Before reaching in the cupboards for your box of kosher salt, watch this quick video to see how to clean cast iron like a pro. Also, don't miss these tips on how to season cast iron. Enjoy!

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