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How to Buy Steak

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How to Buy Steak
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Here are three videos that should serve as a nice basic guide to how to buy steak, whether that’s purchasing it from the store or butchers, or ordering in a restaurant.

They cover the most common beef cuts you’re likely to find as well as what to look out for, including ageing and marbling, and also explain why bigger isn’t always best.

You may also be interested in this infographic detailing 60 different beef cuts and how to cook them.

First up, here’s a brief introduction to some of the most common steaks from the guys over at Kitchn. They suggest certain cooking methods in this video – everyone has a preference, but check out these four guides to how to cook the perfect steak.

Anthony Bourdain certainly has strong opinions on which steaks to order and which to avoid.

And, here’s why a bigger porterhouse steak isn’t necessarily better.



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