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How to Butcher a Lamb: Every Cut Explained

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How to Butcher a Lamb: Every Cut Explained

As you may have already seen, Bon Appétit magazine has been producing a series of videos featuring master butchers breaking down whole animals, including guides to how to butcher a cow and how to butcher a pig.

This time it's the turn of tasty lamb. In the video below, butcher Justin Williams shows us how to butcher a whole lamb, breaking down the animal into six edible sections, before dividing each into its various cuts.

Of course, many of us are never going to need or want to break down a whole lamb, but it's helpful to know where all the cuts come from on the animal, so you can make the right buying choices.

Below the video you'll also find a guide to 42 different lamb cuts and how to cook them

Watch Michelin-starred chefs cook lamb in different ways...

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