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Brine Your Birds Like a Pro

By FDL on

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Brine Your Birds Like a Pro

To brine or not to brine? This is the question pondered by many cooks at Christmas time - done right it can keep your meat nice and tender.

By soaking meat in salty water, salt is diffused into the meat and makes the meat swell. When you cook this way the meat is more tender but get it wrong and you'll end up with an overly salty brine or a turkey that's stuffed with too much water.

In this video from Scott Heimendinger on Chow's MDRN KTCHN - he shows you how to inject brine directly into your meat. This allows for a more even placement of brine throughout the turkey and avoids the birds skin from getting too wet - essential if you want a flaky, crispy finish to your roast,

It's a simple to follow video packed full of science information and following their advice we'll certainly be brining the FDL office turkey this year.

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