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How to Brew Coffee – Lego–Style

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How to Brew Coffee – Lego–Style
Photo Coffee Tasting Club

We all love Lego, even as adults right? It's the human desire to build. Remember how simple the instructions were? And now, as adults many of us love coffee. Well here's a way to combine a love of the two (that's what you've always wanted right?) – and we don't mean dunking lego bricks into your latte. This is how to brew coffee, Lego–style.

These fun how to brew coffee at home guides from the Coffee Tasting Club adapt the simple Lego instruction template to how to operate various home brewing aparatus: a French press, a percolator, an Aeropress, a Hario V60 and a Chemex. They'e even created little hipster figurines to accompany each one.

The instructions are fairly simple, but if you still need some brewing assitance the Coffee Tasting Club website has detailed written instructions for each. If these how to brew coffee guides have made you nostalgic for the fun Danish bricks, then check out more Lego–related content here. Considering we're a food website there's a lot – which shows you just how enduring the product is.

How to Brew Coffee at Home


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  • aclewett said on

    Love these Lego instructions. How did you make them?

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