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BBQ Like a Boss with this Guide

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BBQ Like a Boss with this Guide

A quick look at Twitter reveals BBQ season is firmly upon us, tips, recipes and the dos and don’ts from the world of the grilling are being collected in anticipation of the big BBQ day. With this in mind here’s a collection of some of FDL’s top BBQ related content, perfect for getting you in the mood for that hot summer cookout.

Meat is the star of the show when it comes to the BBQ and to start you off with the perfect base of knowledge check out the guide below on perfect meats for the grill, how to smoke them and suggested sauces for each - we've also got this scientific breakdown of meat marinades.

Before the vegetarians get upset - we’ve got 5 great tasting vegetarian side recipes and for the vegans our very own guide to hosting a vegan BBQ.

When it comes to cooking a great steak there’s also a few tips that can help make the job a whole lot easier. First up here’s a tip on how to know when steak is ready and a video from Gordon Ramsay offering his tips for cooking the perfect steak. If you crave the appliance of science and want to know in detail what’s happening when you cook a steak, click on the infographic below.

For those who don’t like steak here’s three tasty recipes for grilled chicken and if you’re still not sure what to wear as the chief of the grill, how about a Rambo style BBQ belt?

Now, we’re not saying you’ve mastered the BBQ as well as the guys below, but we hope this guide helps you on your way to BBQ perfection.

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