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How to Bake a Crispy Pie Crust Every Time

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How to Bake a Crispy Pie Crust Every Time
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It’s the time of year when the pie comes into it’s own, but there’s nothing worse than discovering a soggy bottom at the end of your pie rainbow. ChefSteps have some very simple simple tips however, to ensure you end up with a super-crispy pie crust every time.

First, choose a darkly tinted pie dish to enable fast heat transfer into the dough and avoid glass or shiny pans. Next, bake the pie in three stages. First, a high heat to set the dough, then a medium heat to set the filling, and finally back to a high heat for 10 minutes or so to crisp up the crust.

Watch Grant Crilly from ChefSteps explain all in the video below, delivered with all the gusto of a man who, really, really likes pie. But first, you need to know how to make your dough – check out these tips for making pie crust like a boss.

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