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WATCH: How Pressure Cooking Works

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WATCH: How Pressure Cooking Works
Photo Screen capture via Youtube

Pressure cooking has a way of intimidating newcomers. Perhaps it's because it requires a bit of skill or maybe it has to do with the horror stories of flying lids our grandmothers' told us about. But there's no reason to fear the pressure cooker, especially when it has the potential to be your new best friend in the kitchen.

Why? Well, pressure cooking is a great way of getting food on the table fast. It works wonders on grains, vegetables and fruits but also tenderizes tough cuts of meats in a fraction of the time of traditional cooking. This is all possible because the sealed pot traps boiling water and steam, allowing them to rise to temperatures above normal (212F, 100C). The higher the pressure, the shorter the cooking time.

For a in-depth look at how pressure cooking works, take a look at this phenomenal video from the folks at It breaks down all the facts so you'll feel more confident handling a pressure cooker in the kitchen:

Via Chefsteps/Youtube

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