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Find Out How Mushrooms Grow - Video

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Find Out How Mushrooms Grow - Video

Here’s another great video from the team at How Does it Grow. We’ve already highlighted their short film about how fresh garlic grows and here’s a look at another great piece, this time on how mushrooms grow.

There’s a look at how mushrooms are an amazing source of potassium and why you never see a wide open field of growing mushrooms.

They go inside Phillips Mushroom Farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania - what the team describe as the mushroom capital of America.

They meet a farmer who has been growing mushrooms for 40 years as he explains his work and how every mushroom has around 16 billion spores.

It’s a fascinating watch and one that’s sure to teach you a thing or two about the misunderstood mushroom.

How Does it Grow? Mushrooms from How Does it Grow? on Vimeo.

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