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Tea Tips: How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

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Tea Tips: How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea
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Drinking a cup of tea is a simple act, but in order to enjoy the perfect cup you have to follow a few simple rules, beginning with the tea itself: once you’ve found your favorite kind, store it well away from other aromatic foods. Now it’s time to make a cup: one teabag per person, or one spoonful of tea leaves in boiling water, which must be as rich as possible in oxygen.

It’s best, therefore, not to boil it for too long, and if the water contains too much chlorine, filter it to improve its taste. Also, different kinds of teas should be brewed for different lengths of time: from 2 minutes for Japanese Sencha tea, to 7 minutes for Chinese oolong.

And finally, what to add: it’s advisable never to add sweeteners, but there are some kind of tea which benefit from added milk, and some to which nothing should ever be added. Green teas or Darjeeling are never mixed with milk, while black teas can be enjoyed either with or without.

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