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Infographic: How Long Does Open Wine Last?

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Infographic: How Long Does Open Wine Last?

In a perfect world we'd polish off a bottle of wine and never have to worry about storing leftover vino in the fridge. Plan as you might, sometimes you end up with an open bottle of wine and you'd hate for it to go to waste. Then the eventual question pops up: how long does open wine last? 

The life span of an open bottle of wine depends on the varietal. For instance, fortified wines like port or marsala will keep well for up to 28 days. So will boxed wines. On the other hand, sparkling wines lose their fizz and flavor profile anywhere from one to three days. 

Check out this visual guide from Wine Folly that pin points how long different wines last after being opened - everything from delicate whites and rosés to full-bodied reds. Then pick up some tips on how to serve wine like a boss. Cheers!

“How Long Does Open Wine Last?

Via Wine Folly

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