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Watch: How is Tequila Made?

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Watch: How is Tequila Made?

Tequila, it makes you happy ... or maybe not. Love it or hate it, tequila is always sure to get the party started. Hopefully everybody knows the Mexican product (it can only be produced in Mexico) is made from fermented agave juice, but do you know how tequila is made?

First, the pina, the hard core of the agave plant is harvested, then baked, pulped and juiced. Yeast is then added to kick off the fermentation process. Once the alcohol content reaches 5%, after roughly 72 hours, a two stage distillation process then takes place, resulting in a 55% proof Tequila. This can then be diluted down to 40% with the addition of purified water.

Watch the video from How It’s Made below to see the whole process in action. You only need the first five minutes or so, unless you want to also know how waterbeds, flip flops and silver are made?

Click for more on Tequila and its provenance in one handy infographic.

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