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Watch: How Food Affects the Brain

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Watch: How Food Affects the Brain
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You are what you eat of course, but do you know exactly how food affects the brain? This revealing Ted-Ed video sets out just how different foods, even in small amounts can have a massive affect on mood maintenance and cognitive function.

Brain Boosting

Did you know that the dry mass of the brain is largely made up of lipids (fat)? This is why fatty acids like omegas 3 and 6 from nuts, seeds and oily fish are considered brain boosting foods and so important for preventing cognitive degeneration.

Human Behaviour

Or that proteins and amino acids affect the way we feel and behave, with the latter providing the pre-cursors to neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers that can determine everything from mood and quality of sleep, to appetite. This is why, the video suggests, you may feel calm after a large bowl of pasta, or more alert after a protein-rich meal.

Dive into the video below and find out just how food affects the brain. Afterwards, check out this video showing the affect of sugar on the brain – you might be surprised.

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